Trouble In Paradise

In the three conceptual chapters of this book, Christoph presents his impressions of our postmodern society, dominated by the paradox of the self. The individual striving for perfection in an imperfect world.

Christoph is staging situations, not without humour, in which he shows the subject engaging in ambitious endeavours which often result in unscheduled and sometimes irritating outcomes.

The fine architectural set- ups of these images serve to lull the viewer into a sense of wellbeing whilst the conflict within the frame creates tension and discord.

Christoph manages to capture this kind of emotional tension in his work while maintaining a sense of lightheartedness and ease. This juxtaposition is what makes him such a great visual storyteller.

Christoph Martin Schmid

ISBN 978-3-942831-80-2
Verlag Seltmann & Soehne, Berlin

Format 38 x 28 cm
Size 112 Pages, Hardcover,
56 large format photographies
Text: German/English

Published 07/2013
2nd edition 06/2014